Dust storms roil the playa — and this reporter

BLACK ROCK CITY — We had a wee tiny, itty-bitty hardly-worth-mentioning dust storm yesterday. There was a moment when we could not see twenty feet across the street to the neighboring camp due to the whiteout conditions. The total lack of visual stimulation forced us to imbibe playa margaritas (a "playa" margarita… » 8/31/07 3:44pm 8/31/07 3:44pm

The 8 types of Burning Man attendees, according to Jonathan Grubb

BLACK ROCK CITY — Jonathan Grubb, maverick something-or-other of software developer RubyRed Labs, had an informative and enlightening column about the many types of Burning Man attendees published in The Black Rock Beacon. The Beacon is one of many carefully edited, lovingly printed, well-researched news outlets on… » 8/30/07 2:59pm 8/30/07 2:59pm

Who's having a hissyfit on the playa now?

BLACK ROCK CITY — Here at Media Mecca, the press center for Black Rock City, site of the loosely countercultural event Burning Man, the usual travails and torture of being in the middle of harsh desert conditions — spotty Internet, no beer left in the cooler, subpar fare in the commissary, failing air conditioning —… » 8/29/07 4:16pm 8/29/07 4:16pm

Oh, right, this is an "arts festival," isn't it?

BLACK ROCK CITY — Here we are at Burning Man, deep in the Nevada desert. It's billed as an arts festival, held every year in the name of counterculture, mind expansion, loving your neighbor, and paying a lot of money for coffee at an event that purports to have a noncommercial, barter-based economy. Black Rock City,… » 8/29/07 4:02pm 8/29/07 4:02pm

Burning Man statue burns — a bit too early

BLACK ROCK CITY — The entire point of Burning Man is, I'll remind the uninitiated, is to gather together in the desert to torch a giant wooden statue called, yes, The Man. But that's supposed to happen this weekend. It's 3 in the morning on Tuesday, and The Man is ON FIRE!! HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF FUCK! More as it… » 8/28/07 9:52am 8/28/07 9:52am